Lucy Coxall
Managing Editor

After beginning her career as a budding graphic designer and marketing coordinator with leading graphics agency Cressaid Logic, Lucy continued to evolve and develop her skills which led her to taking a sales role at Ballarat Lifestyle Magazine.

 After 6-months of retaining the original look of the magazine, together with Joanna Stevens and Rachael Gleeson, Lucy overhauled the publications identity creating something that oozed sophistication and quality.

At the 12-month mark of working on BLM, in May 2015, ROAR Publishing Pty Ltd was born and Lucy officially took the reins of the magazine from creator and previous editor.

Lucy is committed to producing a publication each season that shines a light on everything that makes Ballarat the town we have grown to love.

When Lucy isn’t in the office she enjoys draining her bank account by continually adding titles to her ginormous bookcase and spending every spare second with her ‘fur babies’ Ari and Rose.


Rachael Gleeson
Deputy Editor

Like raising a child, Rachael has watched the magazine grow from its very first edition back in 2009. She sparks the passion the whole team shares in producing a magazine that the community can take pride in, revealing something new and uncovering the many layers of our city each edition.

With experience in public relations, marketing and event management Rachael brings a knowledge bank that ensures the magazine continues to be delivered to the community in an engaging, interactive way.

Rachael’s time in the office is sometimes a welcomed ‘rest’ from her everyday role as mummy to her beautiful girls; Henri and Pippa. 


Joanna Stevens
Editing Partner

In 2009, Jo saw a gap in the market, she wanted to create a publication for the community that captures the essence of our beautiful city, Ballarat. So she created Ballarat Lifestyle Magazine a collection of all things that make our city the beautiful place it is. Jo started her career as a journalist before a 'barefoot and pregnant' moment led her to opening her public relations company; Premier PR. After being in the communications industry for over 15 years; Jo continues to be a leader and forever evolving providing her clients with the best possible result.

Running a successful business may be enough for some but Jo also threw in four children and a love for running, triathlons and fitness to keep her busy in her spare time.

Jo couldn’t have asked for a better fit than Lucy to take on the magazine, she is now relishing in her new mentoring role to ensure the magazine stays on top!


Sally Kennedy
Advertising and Sales Coordinator

Sally is our newest member to the BLM family and boy has she made a splash!

Starting in April 2016 she has made it her mission ensuring our magazine reaches every nook and cranny of Ballarat and that all our advertisers are given the five-star treatment.

You will quite often see her around the community attending events, meeting new people and supporting local businesses. She has enjoyed meeting all current and new partners and advertisers, promoting the success of the magazine and eagerly contributes ideas and solutions to the creative team.

Sally has bought a wealth of knowledge from her experience in relationship management and sales and she is currently completing her MBA.

A mum of three children, the up-keeping of her 10-acre property you would think Sal couldn’t achieve anymore but she also runs her own business part-time! What a woman…


Shannon Johnstone
Designer and Illustrator

We were lucky enough to snag our in-house designer and illustrator Shan when she was fresh out of her studies at Federation University and for the past two years has been creating masterpieces on every page of the magazine.

Shannon can bring a page to life with her design skills and creates unique illustrations that are truly distinctive to our style.

We don’t like to blow our own horn (or Shannon’s in this case!) but she walked away from university with the Martha Pinkerton Award for her outstanding talent as a designer and illustrator.

When out of the office Shannon enjoys spending her time being creative and catching abalones along the coast of her hometown, Portland.


Sophea Jennings

Sophea moved to Ballarat from New Zealand at the beginning of 2016 and has quickly fallen in love with our beautiful town.

After working in Melbourne for 8 months she was delighted to stop the commute and to join the local BLM family. Since then, Sophea has enjoyed attending events and getting to know all the wonderful local businesses that Ballarat has on offer.

With Sophea’s experience in Marketing and Communications, and with her passionate and positive attitude, we are thrilled to have her in the office once a week to keep things ticking along.

On the weekends, you will most likely spot Sophea tucked away in one of her favourite local cafes or soaking up some sun around the lake.